A technology able to enhance the biological properties of adipose tissue

Adipose tissue was first used during the First World War to promote the healing of soldiers’ wounds. After a century, researchers have discovered that fat is one of the richest adult tissues in mesenchymal stem cells frequency. These cells can differentiate into specialised cells, but more importantly they can respond to local stimuli coming from a degenerated tissue and release molecules, such us growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines to promote healing.

LipoCell® is a Class IIa medical device that exploits an innovative technology to allow the harvest, manipulation, and autologous injection of purified adipose tissue. The  manipulation is a dialysis of adipose tissue occurring with a filtered membrane and continuous washing. The procedure does not involve any traumatic or disruptive actions unlike other systems on the market based on centrifugation or enzymatic treatment, thus guaranteeing the preservation of adipose tissue vascular-stromal niche and the upkeep of cellular biochemical properties.

LipoCell® follows minimal manipulation principles to obtain an autologous, vital and purified adipose tissue without bloody and oily pro-inflammatory residues. This procedure is simple, efficient and operator-independent. The device is disposable, sterile, and fully-equipped to perform the procedure and to exploit the regenerative medicine potential in multiple therapeutic fields.


• Minimal mechanical stress to maintain the biochemical properties of cells and the integrity of extracellular matrix

• Total purification from blood and oil residues that can possibly lead to inflammation

• Minimal manipulation of the tissue granted by a point-of-care technology that performs intraoperatively

• Closed-loop circuit and a procedure completely performed in the sterile field


LipoCell® is equipped with a semipermeable membrane that separates adipose tissue from waste elements with the help of a continuous irrigation.

The dialysis of the tissue minimises the stress and trauma to cell and extracellular matrix architecture, removing the blood and oil residues which are pro-inflammatory. The final product is a purified adipose tissue reduced into clusters.

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