A technology able to extract peripheral blood mononuclear cells

MonoCytes™ is a point-of-care system based on selective filtration of peripheral blood to obtain autologous mononuclear cells (monocytes and lymphocytes).

The technology filters blood through gravity, avoiding any act that could alter or stress cells (e.g. centrifugation). The core of the system is a membrane that can select cells by dimentional filtration, thus eliminating all the inflammatory cells such as granulocytes.

MonoCytes™ follows minimal manipulation principles to guarantee the obtainment of an autologous, vital, and final product with intact structure and functionality.

This procedure is simple, efficient and operator-independent. The device is disposable, sterile, and fully-equipped to perform the procedure in multiple therapeutic fields.

Dimensional filtration technology

MonoCytes™ technology is able to select blood cells in a size-dependent fashion. Mononuclear cells with regenerative potential, after obstructive-trapping, are recovered with a gentle backwashing


Regenerative potential –

• Selective recovery of white blood cells from peripheral blood with red blood cell depletion

• Enrichment of mononuclear cells from peripheral blood with regenerative potential

• Significant reduction of granulocytes with pro-inflammatory activity

Quick procedure –

• Centrifuge-independent procedure that limits cell stress

• Closed-loop system with minimization of contamination risks

• Fast, reproducible, and versatile procedure in different clinical indications

MonoCytes™ Kit