Harvest SmartPReP 2®

Quick and easy patient-side production of PRP, BMAC and SVF

The Harvest SmartPReP 2® technology platform is the first practical point-of-care tool designed to concentrate a buffy coat from whole blood, bone marrow concentrate from bone or SVF (stromal vascular fraction) from adipose tissue.

In less than 15 minutes, the SmartPReP 2 system simultaneously isolates and concentrates:

Autologous stem cells from bone marrow aspirate – BMAC Series

Autologous growth factors from peripheral blood – APC+ Series

Stromal vascular fraction from a lipoaspirate – AdiPreP Series

SmartPrep BMAC Indications for use:

The SmartPrep 2® Centrifuge System is intended to be used in the clinical laboratory or intraoperatively at point of care for the safe and rapid preparation of platelet poor plasma and platelet concentrate from a small sample of blood and for preparation of cell concentrate from bone marrow.

One platform, multiple biologics, all at point-of-care.


• Dedicated microprocessor controlled centrifuge

• Patented floating shelf technology optimally separates biological cellular components


• Complete automation

ensures high degree of efficiency & reproducibility

• Reduces incidence of operator in consistency associated with manual techniques


• Point-of-care processing

• Easily transportable

• Does not require dedicated trained personnel


• Completely autologous system

• Designed to be used at point-of-care reducing contamination risks

• High degree of sterility (closed process system)


• High degree of process efficiency allows the system to concentrate a clinically viable number of cells

• Titrate final volume as desired


• Process time for biologic concentrates is less than 15 minutes

• Can be used intraoperatively (point-of-care)

Products we can supply:

SmartPReP 2® Centrifuge

60ml APC PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Kit

60ml BMAC Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentration Kit

AdiPrep SVF Stromal Vascular Fraction Kit