Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

Regenflex BIO-PLUS is a transparent gel based on cross-linked and linear intercalated hyaluronic acid, created with an advanced and patented technological process. The aim of this intra-articular injectable is to prevent or to reduce pain, restoring the normal damping and lubricating function of the joint. Not only will the joint function improve, but the patient will also experience an improvement in their quality of life.

• Cross-linked hyaluronic acid 2.5% concentration (three molecular weights) and linear intercalated HA

• Slow release action against pain and inflammation and longer lasting visco-supplementation

• Treatment of degenerative and trauma pathology

• Repairs damages caused by NSAID and cortisone preparations

• One mono-use syringe (75mg reticulated hyaluronic acid in 3ml buffered physiological solution)

3ml Syringe

High Molecular Weight Fraction HA 1M Dalton + HA 2M Dalton Cross-linked with BDDE

• Stays long inside the joint cavity and

does not trespass the synovial membrane

• Visco-supplemental effect

• Volume restoration

• Buffer effect

The matter of weight: two molecular fractions The action of the hyaluronic acid depends on its molecular weight. The weight, in fact, influences the quantity of exogenous hyaluronic acid that can penetrate the synovial membrane: such quantity is proportionally inverse to the molecular weight itself. The close combination of the cross-linked and the intercalated linear hyaluronic acid, makes it possible to inject two molecular fractions as described (see boxes).

Low Molecular Weight Fraction HA 500 Thousand Dalton Not cross-linked

• Transits the synovial membrane

• Trophic action

• Normalises the functions of the macrophages and mellaoproteases

• Re-structures

• Stimulates the synoviocytes to produce endogenous hyaluronic acid

• Restoration of the cartilage

• Analgesic action